NLP and hypnosis training in toronto, mississauga, brampton

Hamid Jaouhar, MBA

​Hamid is the founder of PNLP and a Certified Trainer with ABNLP, and for over 8 years he's been teaching NLP and Hypnosis. He earned his MBA in 2005 and bases his approach in training as Learner-Centered towards Business and Life Coaching. He cultivates skills, attitudes and values that will raise personal and organizational performance to higher levels. In doing so, he equips individuals with powerful tools, energizes them to harness the power of teams, and empowers them to develop leadership skills. more...

Some of the Benefits You Will Enjoy by taking my trainings:

  • You will have the guarantee that your training will be provided by highly qualified trainers
  • During the first 3 years after your courses you can return to maintain and improve your knowledge at no extra charge
  • You will be registered on the directory of practitioners in NLP in Europe, USA and Canada
  • You will have full support to start your new career: Professionals advices, Mentoring, How to set up your office and much more 
  • Free business consultations for your activity of coach/therapist. more...