NLP & Spiritual Hypnosis

The words Neuro Linguistic Programming literally speak of a system of using the brain and sensory system’s capacity for cognition and language to adapt intuitive understanding and insight and affect behaviour for the better. On the other hand, Spiritual Hypnosis talks about connecting with the spirit or soul and  through the gateway of Hypnosis, being able to reach our innermost intentions and desires and metamorphose them into our life’s purpose by overcoming stumbling blocks and crushing barriers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful then if we could combine these two techniques to harness the power of the mind,body & soul to enable and empower people?

Some folks find personal and professional happiness early while many face obstacles and challenges that make them arrive at the scene of success late in life. At the same time, there are still those who, owing to one reason or another, never seem to get there and while attempting to do so, cannot have any peace. Firstly, there are Physical/ health issues which we can relate to the body. Then there are Personal problems which we can connect with the mind and last but not the least are Interpersonal difficulties which are intertwined with the soul/ spirit.  

Thus a parallel can be drawn between Neuro Linguistic Programming and Spiritual Hypnosis which could be thought of as three corners of a triangle. One corner is Cognition/ Thinking or the Mind, the 2nd is Language/ Communication or the Soul and the third is behaviour/ Action or the body. The 3 Aspect of Cognition, Communication and Action are always interrelated. Likewise, the body, Mind & Soul are forever inter-connected. Thus when NLP and Spiritual Hypnosis work in tandem, the results are far-reaching & almost ever-lasting (as long as the person is alive) .

Each ‘Person’ walks their own individual ‘Path’ with the uniqueness they possess. On that Path, they encounter situations of ‘Pain’ which may affect them for the better or worse, or as I’d like to say ‘bitter’, which only they have responsibility to decide. However as we tread along, most if not all of us, will eventually attain our life’s ‘Purpose’ which we hope and pray is sooner rather than later for everyone.

The end goal of NLP is to get results or in other words, reach the desired state or outcome from the present situation. Much like NLP, Spiritual Hypnosis helps one fulfill their destiny by being open to receiving higher guidance to traverse the true thoroughfare of their lives & clear negativity, heal their energy & rid themselves of anything and everything that they no longer need.

Thus, these two procedures are aimed at maximizing potential as is the case with NLP & Self-actualizing when it comes to Spiritual Hypnosis which is basically expressing creativity, pursuing knowledge, seeking enlightenment and ultimately positively transforming society which is best described by Dr. Abraham Maslow in his Hierarchy of needs theory.

NLP functions on the theme of Personal Responsibility, Reasons versus Results where you can have only one or the other, the fact that the mind filters incoming information and therefore is forever subject to deletions, distortions and generalisations which is referred to as the concept ‘The Map is not the Territory’ & finally noticing patterns around you so that you can change what you’re doing to get the results that you want.

Again, Spiritual Hypnosis works as a conveyance of discovery where the unmanifest realms of existence are explored as well as the nature of reality but again the focus is on acknowledging accountability. Tools such as Hypnosis, Meditation, Yoga, Dream Analysis, Past Life Regression and others are employed to uncover life’s mystery, understand energy and gain value and meaning.

There are various strategies that are involved in practising these two techniques but the reason is always the same- to help others help themselves. The practitioner is the facilitator or medium but the client is actively involved every step of the way and is not just a passive recipient.

Though NLP is relatively new & there are many who are wary of using Spiritual Hypnosis, these two techniques are developing rapidly, spreading widely and transforming the field quite drastically.

Just as medication with therapy is the most effective treatment for patients with medical problems or psychological issues, so also when NLP and Spiritual Hypnosis are taken together the client can reap the utmost benefits for the longest time possible, the only difference being there are no side effects or symptoms. Change is hard at first, messy in the middle but beautiful in the end.

With both NLP and Spiritual Hypnosis, you are always in control of your perceptions, reactions and emotions and forever in charge of you motivation, inspiration and direction. Matthew 7:7 says- Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you. You are the driver of your bus, the pilot of your plane, your ship’s captain and your train’s motorman.Type your paragraph here.

Poorvi Desa - MNLP 

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