NLP and hypnosis training in toronto, mississauga, brampton


NLP for Business workshop explores how the core principles of NLP can be applied to a range of business situations. Participants will learn how to get what they want, quickly and easily, using the ‘Well-Formed-Outcomes’ goal setting strategy. They will learn the secret of ‘managing their state’, so they can feel confident whenever they want. And they will learn the value of taking ‘Second Position’ and seeing things from another person’s point of views.

Participants will leave with a mindset, skillset and toolset that will enable them to tackle business situations effectively and successfully.


By the end of the session participants will:

Know how to use NLP techniques to change their mental patterns and develop your true potential
Uncover and replace restrictive habits and limiting beliefs so you can achieve business and personal goals
Know how to establish rapport with others and develop fulfilling and productive relationships
Learn how to build and maintain their confidence and emotional state in a variety of situations