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Why worry about mission / vision / values/goals…

Fully understanding and aligning yourself with your organisation’s mission vision , Values and Strategic goals enables you to:

Spend more time on high impact, high-growth activities
High impact, high growth activities are where you want to spend as much time as possible. With these maneuvers, you spend less time spinning your wheels. Think back on the past month. Were there any projects or activities you were part of directly or indirectly that didn’t actually move the organization forward because they were dead end opportunities? I bet there were. Get rid of this dead weight as fast as possible!

Identify true opportunities versus false starts
If you know what you’re best at and where you want to go, you can more quickly identify true opportunities versus false starts. You want to pursue true opportunities and quickly throw out false starts. Strategic planning helps you to put the boundaries on your business. When you ignore extraneous distractions, you use your resources more effectively and more quickly to grow your organization.

Adapt quickly
The ability to adapt quickly is the name of the game in today’s business climate. When everyone on your team is on the same page and is pulling in thesame direction, you can easily absorb shifts, make changes, and innovate on the fly. If there’s no clear direction in your strategic plan, your team may not know how and what to adapt to.

Be proactive instead of reactive
Being in a reactionary mode all of the time puts you one (or more) steps behind your competition. Make sure that your strategic plan maps out proactive choices to propel your company forward.

Achieve your vision for success
You started your organization for a reason. You likely have a vision for your business. You want to achieve your vision for success. You have to specifically figure out how you’re going to get there. Having a strategic plan makes success intentional.

Increase employee commitment
Strategic planning increases employee commitment — especially in this tight labor market, helping your employees see the vision that you have for success and growth helps you work toward that goal.

Elements of an effective vision statement

Audacious: Represents a dream that’s beyond what you think is possible. It represents the mountaintop your company is striving to reach. Visioning takes you out beyond your present reality.

Capitalizes on core competencies: Builds on your company’s core competencies.

It builds on what you’ve already established: company history,customer base, strengths, and unique capabilities, resources, and assets.

Future casting: Provides a picture of what your business looks like in the future.

Inspiring: Engaging language that inspires. It creates a vivid image in people’s heads that provokes emotion and excitement. It creates enthusiasm and poses a challenge.

Motivating: Clarifies the direction in which your organization needs to move and keeps everyone pushing forward to reach it.

Purpose-driven: Gives employees a larger sense of purpose, so they see themselves as building a cathedral instead of laying stones.